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Zeus is responsible for crawl space ventilation.  Each crawl space is different but they all have one thing in common, they all need ventilation.  Whether you have a large crawl space or a small one, Zeus will maintain its atmosphere for a healthy life.  Your health and your crawl space health are linked.  If you allow your crawl space to become wet and stagnate, mold will grow and mold spores will migrate into your living space.  This process of wet, mold, spores, can be alleviated.   Do not allow your health and the ones you love to be adversely effected, Zeus will fix it.

Zeus is a large unit with several costly items included in its makeup.  The primary mover of air is our Ten-inch commercial continuous duty, five bladed metal exhaust fan.  This unit extracts wet air at 510 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) quietly and consistently due to our 24-hour timer.  The timer is set at the factory to run in four cycles of three hours each for twelve hours exhaust each day.  This running time is adequate for the majority of crawl spaces.  The running time is adjustable for larger or smaller crawl spaces, so one unit is all that is needed.  The 24-hour timer is costly but we have found that the timer is necessary. 

We include a thermostat to shut the unit off if the crawl space temperature drops below 50 degrees.  This number may sound a bit high but we do not want to freeze pipes by the action of Zeus.  We monitor the temperature at the Zeus unit not the incoming air at the other side of the structure.  The temperature under a heated house will remain above fifty degrees year round unless freezing temperature prevail.  Once the crawl warms back up, Zeus will come back on automatically.  Maintenance free operation, no filters to change, just fresh air where it is needed.

Zeus is easy to install.  Pick the most convent vent and install Zeus there.  I do try “not” to install Zeus under the Master Bedroom.  Zeus is very quiet, you should not hear it in operation, but under your bed at 2:00 AM you might hear it.  Install Zeus under any common area like the living room, kitchen or den and you should not hear it in operation.  Zeus “soft mounts” so we do not vibrate the house.  Zeus is foamed in at the vent and strapped up at the other end to the floor system.  By cradling Zeus between these two points, no vibration will go from the unit to the structure.

Zeus Specs & Details

Using a commercial duty 120volt AC motor, with a ten-inch, five-blade fan; the ZEUS system is the best value, most durable, and safest way to protect your house from stale, mold growing damp-air.

Length: 24 inches overall
Width: 15 inches overall
Height: 10 inches overall, 7.25 x 15 inch exhaust opening
Exchange rate: 510 CFM (cubic feet/minute)

Attachment: Sealed, unit mounts at the perimeter foundation, usinga pre-existing foundation vent.  Rear/intake is suspended from joists with nylon webbing to eliminate vibration to the structure.

Automation: Factory set to operate at 3 hour intervals with thermostat over-ride feature. When temperature drops below  50 degree mark, the unit will standby.  Once the temperature elevates to 50 degrees and above, the system is opertional once more.

Power consumption: 120volt AC @ 60Hz, max Amps; .43, max wattage; 35

CLICK HERE to download Zeus Installation Instructions

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