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Moisture Scrubber

The Moisture Scrubber lives up to its name, it scrubs the moisture out of the air before it is brought into the crawl space. When the air is hot and the humidity is high, as it is every summer in many sections of the country our moisture scrubbers are quite useful. The crawl space is nice and cool in the summer even while the outside air is very hot. Pulling warm moist air into the crawl space is counter productive, so we have a solution. The scrubber is located in the crawl space and is nice and cool due to its location. We seal off the vents we do not install a scrubber behind and demand that the makeup air come through the scrubbers.

Zeus is needed to exhaust the air, which creates negative air pressure in the crawl space. Once this pressure differential is established, almost immediately, air is drawn through the moisture scrubbers. The warm wet air comes in contact with the cool surfaces of the scrubber and condensation occurs within the scrubber. Once the air is released into the crawl space it is dryer and cleaner.

During the summer mold spores are suspended in the air much like water vapor. These spores are what make us sneeze and cough and for some become sick with allergies. The scrubbers are wet inside and the spores are pulled into them and stick to the wet surfaces. The spores and accumulated moisture are expelled out the very same vent they came in through. Now clean fresh air is pulled through the crawl space drying everything along the way. Air quality specialists have tested both the airs in the crawl space and inside the house. The crawl space becomes cleaner than the inside of the house.

Our Moisture Scrubbers combined with Zeus will dry out any crawl space. We have crawls with constant water entry due to springs and with our system their these crawlspaces are fine, as far as moisture levels. Our Moisture Scrubbers have allowed us to protect your wooden members and prevent molds from prospering in crawl spaces. Existing mold spores are expelled by the action of Zeus.

CLICK HERE to download Moisture Scrubber Installation Instructions

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