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Vent your crawl with fresh, moving air.

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Environmental Solutions to Housing Problems

Vent the Crawl is in the business of environmental solutions to housing problems since 1974.  Humans have altered nature’s world to accommodate their desires, which has created a few problems.  Our abodes are not naturally available, so we must build them.  Our structures accommodate us but to our dismay, they accommodate less desirable elementes as well.   

From the ground to the roof top we encounter problems.  Nature deals with our structures, just as it does everything else on this planet.  If you try to stop moisture from its natural movement, you will not win.  If you want to prohibit heat buildup, you must get out of the sun.  If you do not want earth's pests, you must become pro active in their control.

There is an affordable, environmentally safe; way to deal with moisture, heat, and some household pests.  Vent the Crawl has addressed the following using the most environmentally friendly process available: ventilation:

Crawl space moisture & mold remediation

Zeus and Moisture Scrubber

Fire & Ember free attic heat & moisture reduction

Guardian System

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